Reddit has Become so Politically Biased

The American Socialist movement has managed to overrun Reddit, shutting out all opposing ideas and ending the debate. I'm concerned that r/politics has become so pro-socialist Left that it appears simply, unnatural.  The movement satirically mirrors what happened in Russia and the Eastern Bloc. I've spoken with some of the mods of r/politics and they all claim, "it's [...]

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Immigration Epidemic in the West

There’s more than 7 billion people in the world now and somewhere around 5 or 6 billion of them would love to live in Western countries. Unfortunately, it’s just not sustainable. Furthermore, I personally would not like to become a minority in my own country and have my culture erased but I have been labeled [...]

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5 Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips

Speaking From Experience In 2003, I started doing real estate in Orlando, Florida and as all real estate agents do, I teamed up with a local mortgage broker to exchange deals and lead referrals. In an effort to drum up more business for both of us, I started doing cold calling, SEO and PPC campaigns [...]

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Westerners Have Dirty Butts

Its been a while since I posted so I figured I’d get back in the habit with this off-topic rant… When I first moved to Asia, I was flabbergasted and even disgusted to learn that most people do not use toilet paper!!! Instead, they use a bidet to spray their butt or in most cases, [...]

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Call Center Outsourcing Consultant

I have been a call center consultant since 2006 working in India, Romania, South Africa and the Philippines.  This puts me in a unique position to offer superior and innovative consulting solutions that are guaranteed to improve your company’s functionality and profitability. I currently own a 150 seat facility in Clark, Philippines. This being said, [...]

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Filters in Google Analytics: (11 minutes) Google Analytics IQ Lesson 8/15

Watch Presentation Here NOTE: Always make sure you have a backup unfiltered profile created with no filters or extra customization and create new profiles for filters. Filters are executed in the order that they are setup so watch out that one filter doesn’t conflict with another. Predefined Filters From the account admin page click the [...]

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Philippines Seat Lease Outsourcing

  You can open your new office in the Philippines for as little as $150 per seat! Seat lease outsourcing is an ideal solution for any small to mid-sized company looking to expand operations or lower overhead costs.  Simply put, seat leasing is the fastest and most affordable way to get your campaign up and [...]

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Hire Me as Your BPO Consultant

As a BPO consultant, I strive to be at the forefront of global trends to provide the best outsourcing solutions that are customized to each customer’s needs. I’m your “Boots on the Ground”. Bill Gates, IBM and 90% of the Fortune 500 have been using BPO for over 2 decades. What has changed is the [...]

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Porn SEO

I first wrote this article about porn SEO in 2009 while still in the industry but came back and updated based on comments made in 2014. The 3Ps, pills, porn and poker are the toughest niches online. I’ve ranked for “free porn”, “Asian porn”, “anal porn” and several other hyper competitive keywords bringing in more than [...]

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The Gand Opening of ClarkOutsourcing.com

I am excited to announce the launching of a new full service BPO company, ClarkOutsourcing.com and with it, a new 5000sqft, 150 seat, offshore facility located in the Clark Economic Freeport Zone of the Philippines. This new office represents a culmination of over ten years of hard work and experience. With this new facility, I [...]

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