Google’s Project Glass is Badass


Google announces their newest pet project. The newest product is a pair of glasses that provide a virtual interface to your mobile devices. Previously named Project Glass, this product is straight out of a SciFi movie and promises to bring us leaps and bounds into the future. For years I’ve been wanting a computer with a full interface like this; Then I could build and optimize websites while sitting in a rocking chair eating a ham sandwich.

Here’s their Official Project Glass Plus page and below is the video they put to together to illustrate the possibilities. You gotta admit, project glass is bad ass.

Googles Project Glass Video Shot in NYC

Project Glass Live Demonstration

This is one of the coolest ways to demo a new product!

Dont Copy Images or Google Will Get You (SEO tip)

Don't steal images or Google will Penalize you

Google really sees all! Just drag and drop a picture from your desktop into Google Images and Google will show you where the original came from as well as all the other sites that reposted the same image. This even works if you have cropped or modified the image!

Google rewards sites that use unique images while copied images hijacked off someone else’s website can bring your site’s authority down. The lesson here is to buy or create your own images as much as possible and Google will reward you with better rankings and more traffic. I know, it’s tough but there really arent any good shortcuts for producing high quality, unique content. This really sucks because I’m a true image kleptomaniac┬áso do as I say, not as I do! Lastly, this brings up the question of what if any changes this will have on Thumbnail Picture Galleries and Porn SEO.

Drag and drop an image from your desktop directly into the search window of Google images. This works in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

dragging and dropping images to google search

Next, you will see the all the places where the image has been posted.

why you shouldnt copy images from google

Google Secret Bonus Video Dark Web Operators

Secret SEO bonus video for google operators

This video cannot be searched for or viewed unless you know the secret address for it. This link was given out only to participants of the Power Searching With Google Program that is not open to public registration at this time.

Here they talk about the new Dark Web Google Operators that will crawl usually un-indexable files within a website also know as Deep Web.