Penguin 2.0 Friendly Porn Links

SEO for porn sites

A quick description of a Penguin Friendly Porn Link would be any link that that is embedded within unique, relevant content instead of site-wide links found in the header, footer, and sidebar of a site. You also want to avoid links from networks that have obvious SEO footprints like sharing IPs, PHP scripts that tie sites together and CopyScape failed content.

What to look for when acquiring links

Stop throwing your money away on worthless links, a large majority of porn links being offered out there are worthless. Porn SEO has changed a lot with the first Penguin and its shuffling up again with the Penguin 2.0. The old days of just throwing tons of money at link buying without regard to where and how you are linking are over. Buying links from sloppy networks of spammy sites just aren’t gonna cut it any longer. Here’s what makes our network different

      • Sites must have unique IPs across different C-classes
      • Sites must be manually managed
      •  Absolutely no SEO footprint
      • Site’s content and/or articles are Panda-friendly and Copyscape verified
      • Get contextual links
      • Target aged sites
      • Target sites that rank for long tail keyword searches
      • No sitewide links
      • No blogroll links
      • No footer

Alternatives to Link Buying

Buffer sites: As outlined in a previous Porn SEO post, buffer sites or pages do not contain graphic material but link back to your money site. This means they can be shared in social media or any place where adult content may otherwise have been censored. This is can be helpful to diversify your link profile as well as getting link juice and social signals from places you never thought possible for porn sites.

Produce and syndicate content: Allow video embeds of existing tube content. Write blogs, reviews, articles press releases and more.

*Bonus: Adult Social Signals

Do social trades with other high ranking members across social media platforms.

Your Adult Website Needs High-Quality Links

High-quality links are what the Penguin Updates are all about.

Does Google Want to Disarm America?

Google Disarming America

google-anti-gun-propgandaGoogle just posted this very disturbing article outlining Global gun trade. I don’t support what  Eisenhower referred to as the military-industrial complex or violence but I do support civilian ownership of guns. We already know what happens when you prohibit guns, then only the military and bad guys have them, leaving the civilian population unable to protect themselves from local crime, invasions or worse yet, protection from a military-state government.

Right to Bare Arms

Just in case anyone forgot, our 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America provides individual right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. I don’t want to be your stereotypical American but I have many reasons for wanting to keep the 2nd Amendment intact. Being able to bare arms to protect one’s person and property is legally classified as a natural right.

In the video below they mention that 74% of all guns are civilian owned but they use examples of wars in underdeveloped countries like Africa or Mexico’s drug war to demonize guns in general. These guns are owned by governments, military, and militias which, also accounts for 90% of gun related deaths. People don’t just go around shooting each other, only governments and corrupt politicians do that. It’s a fact that people are safer with civilian gun ownership.

crime-vs-gunsGoogle, Guns & Politics

Why is Google getting involved in these politics in the first place? They have no business lobbying in global politics that concern our personal freedoms. It’s very disconcerting to see Google getting involved with this type of propaganda. I’d even go a step further to say that Google is overstepping their boundaries and committing corporatism by using their power and money to try to influence laws that will take away our basic rights.

Google Anti-Gun Video

UN-American Disarmament Plan

Stand strong my fellow Americans as well as other citizens of the world because there are big plans from the UN, US, and international powers to disarm American civilians and the whole world. Heres the Official UN Disarmament Plan (PDF). You should definitely read this report on “Complete disarmament” of the American people from

Why Google Bought Wildfire

Why Google Bought the Wildfire App


google-buys-wildfireappGoogle announced the acquisition of Wildfire on the Official  Google blog. is a social media optimization tool/software that allows you to manage all of your social media campaigns from one platform. You can run ads, create and manage pages, conduct mass messaging and track the performance of your social media efforts with analytics and monitoring tools all from one location. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed however, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google paid somewhere around $250 million.

Google Still Behind in Social Media

Google throws yet more money at its going social efforts by buying Wildfire but this one might pay off. Google keeps striking out at creating a social media platform that people will actually use but at least they can buy the most powerful social media marketing tool as a way to get their nose under the tents of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Wildfire also works with Google’s own Plus. Nonetheless, this was a smart move for Google to be able to expand their ad reach while at the same time, gaining deeper access to the data generated from social signals and fresh content created across social media platforms.

Prior to acquiring Wildfire, Google placed made offers to buy BuddyMedia but was outbid by who ended up paying $700 million. All this is just further evidence of the increasing importance of SMO and social signals in your SEO campaign. Still not sure what Wildfireapp is or how it works? Check out this video below that I snagged from their site

What Exactly is Wildfire?

Wildfire founders Victoria Ransom and partner Alain Chuard