Monthly Archives: January 2013

Retain Me

In an effort to make my services more available and more affordable to my clients, I am offering a unique monthly consulting package in the form of a retainer fee.  A full-time qualified SEO will set you back more than six figures a year or you...

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Online Lead Auction Free Lead Management Software

In 2003, I was a real estate agent living in Orlando, FL sharing an office with a mortgage company. Together we spent tens of thousands of dollars buying sales leads until I learned the magic of SEO, PPC campaigns, and telemarketing. Within 4...

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Porn Link Wheel Building for 2013

Link Wheels still work after Panda if they are white hat and manually built to be 100% compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Black-hat tools like SEnuke that can automate this task, can and will get your website penalized. Content-based link...

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FTC Clears Google

Google has been cleared of all antitrust and anti-competitive charges as the FTC has dropped all charges and closed all investigations against Google. This comes just a few months after Google was ordered to pay a record $22.5 million to settle...

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