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Questions and Answers signpostIn an effort to make my services more available and more affordable to my clients, I am offering a unique monthly consulting package in the form of a retainer fee.  A full-time qualified SEO will set you back more than six figures a year or you can retain me for $500 per month and get the same attention to detail.

Here’s what you will get

    • Identify and prevent potential problems and Google violations
    • Monitoring of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • Monitoring of backlink profile
    • Monitoring of social media channels and engagement
    • Periodic analysis of server performance, coding, crawlability, and indexing
    • Hit me up anytime for questions or to pick my brain
    • Train and consult link builders, content managers, and web development team

and I’ll package it up in a nice little report and send it at the end of each month.

Unlike the retainer fee of a lawyer, that only ensures that services will be rendered and does not equate to hourly fees, I will actually dedicate around 5 hours or more of my time making sure all your SEO bases are covered. Additional hours can be requested for my normal rate of $175 and hour.

Contact me today for more details and a sample of what I can offer you.

Online Lead Auction Free Lead Management Software


In 2003, I was a real estate agent living in Orlando, FL sharing an office with a mortgage company. Together we spent tens of thousands of dollars buying sales leads until I learned the magic of SEO, PPC campaigns, and telemarketing. Within 4 months, I was generating more real estate and mortgage leads than we could possibly handle so I opened and started selling leads to other agents and brokers in Florida. Within another 4 months, we were selling leads nationwide and had over 50 employees.

Suddenly, we had to deliver thousands of leads to hundreds of sales agents on a daily basis. Then, we had to track the leads, replacements and update records. Lastly, we wanted to provide our customers with a lead management tool to help keep them organized and increase closing ratios. We needed a CRM and lead delivery system and this was before even existed so we built our first version of The Lead Tree free Lead Management Software and the rest is history.


The Ebay of Sales Leads

10 years and 5 versions later, we no longer generate leads but we still provide a great CRM! On 2013 we launched our newest version of our lead management software but this time we added a nifty little lead auction where buyers and sellers can conduct business in a safe moderated marketplace. Not only do we have an awesome lead management CRM but now you can buy and sell leads with other Lead Tree members. The services are and will remain completely free but we will be offering ads, upgrades and additional products in the near future to help monetize the site.

If you need leads or marketing lists you can post your order to have sellers bid on or if you have leads to sell you can post them for sale by signing up as a lead seller or browse lead orders now.

Porn Link Wheel Building for 2013



Link Wheels still work after Panda if they are white hat and manually built to be 100% compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Black-hat tools like SEnuke that can automate this task, can and will get your website penalized.

Content-based link wheels are not only effective on mainstream sites but also with porn and other adult niches. This technique alone is not going to get you on the first page of Google for the keyword [free porn] but its still a big enough help that it’s worth doing.

You Need Content and Lots of It

This process will require lots of hours of setting up and managing several accounts manually along with the production of an enormous amount of high-quality unique content. The content should be sex related but PG13. I use a wide range of topics from stuff like Health Benefits of Sex to recent news and gossip about a celebrity. There’s always some way to put a sexy spin on it even when writing about-about the politics of online porn. The quality of your porn link wheel will depend on the quality of this content so don’t cheap out or just hire some dude in India.

What Sites Do I Use?

Standard link wheels consist of getting links from a wide variety of social media and web2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Digg and Linkedin just to name a few. Then you throw in article sites and blogs like Ezinearticles, Webs, and Blogger. Next upload videos Youtube and Dailymotion with links in the description. I have a list of over 80 websites that work especially well with porn link wheels.

My platinum level service also includes 5 to 7 links from major publications like, and getting a page about your porn site published in Wikipedia.

What’s Needed and How Long Will it Take?

You will need a project manager, highly experienced copywriters, video production and SEO agents to put it all together. A professionally assembled link wheel can take up to 3 months to complete and another 3 months to really start passing good link juice. You may even get some unintended traffic.

But Wait for These Sites Ban Porn Link Building?

Yes, this is correct, more than half of these sites do not allow links to porn websites. That’s why I employ the use of porn buffers as explained in an earlier post porn SEO. Buffer sites do not contain any adult content but they are used for the sole purpose to act as a buffer between the site in the link wheel and your money site. Some sites link directly to the money site and some link indirectly. A flow chart is constructed to funnel the link juice. This creates tiers in your link wheel which also help to strengthen it. Just a few examples of sites that do allow links to porn sites are Blogger, Reddit, Delicious, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Blogtur, and Twitter.

Some very important tips

  • Follow Panda Friendly Article Guidelines to produce only the highest quality content.
  • Do not spin! Google will bust you because they now have a bigger synonyms database than
  • Use Google Authorship microdata to give content credibility and not get seen as spam.
  • Use APIs and integration to tie the network together. Instead of trying to hide this link wheel as was done prior to the Panda, we want to gain more authority, exposure, and authorship.
  • Ping your links.
  • Build links to your link wheel.

FTC Clears Google

google-clears-ftc-chargesGoogle has been cleared of all antitrust and anti-competitive charges as the FTC has dropped all charges and closed all investigations against Google. This comes just a few months after Google was ordered to pay a record $22.5 million to settle previous FTC charges for Misrepresented Privacy Assurances to Users of Apples Safari Internet Browser.

Apparently, an inside deal was cut as the announcement was made on the website stating that a settlement has been made where Google agrees not to use its acquisition of Motorola to stifle markets like smartphones and tablets. In the settlement, Google also agreed to allow competitor access to propitiatory patents. On the second FTC letter commitment, Google agreed to allow advertisers access to rival ad platforms from within Adwords!

What Does This Mean?

This means Google has been given a license to dominate. Let’s not mention the biggest problem of all, Googles ability to make or break companies by adding and removing them from search results. After 19 long months of investigations and a settlement like this, don’t expect any new cases to be brought against Google anytime soon.