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BPO Consulting

On October 21, 2011, in Outsourcing, by Zack Williamson

As a BPO consultant, my mission is to be on the forefront of global trends to find the best outsourcing solutions that are customized to each customer’s needs. Before I elaborate on the different levels of BPO consulting, I first want to talk a little bit about the benefits and the future of BPO. Bill Gates, IBM and 90% of the Fortune 500 have been using BPO for over 2 decades. What has changed is the availability of outsourcing infrastructure. Previously, BPO resources were only attainable to large firms but due to technology, globalization and a few good men, these same advantages are well within reach for small and mid-sized companies.

BPO is an ever growing, ever changing market. My first experience with outsourcing was in 2004 when I contracted a small call center out of India to run a pilot telemarketing campaign to generate real estate leads. It took a lot of effort and some losses but 9 months later I found myself on a plane headed for Bangalore and was able to expand the team from 5 agents to 50 within 6 more months. I founded The Lead Tree, LLC with focus on lead generation using call center processes, search engine optimization and software development.

BPO Consulting

It wasn’t long before I noticed a heard of companies starting to outsource in the Philippines so in mid 2006, After hearing a Filipino agent from Vonage, I went straight to Manila to meet potential outsourcing partners. By 2007, The Lead Tree and it’s partners had grown to employ over 118 people in the US, India. and Philippines. We then expanded to Romania in 2010.

The instinct was right as Philippines has since become the ideal place for voice processes while India and Romania still remain big players in non-voice processes like IT and software development. What other insights can informative BPO consulting offer you?

SEO Credentials for Zack Willaimson

As I mentioned in some of my previous articles, Romania was always on my radar. It’s hard to ignore the investments that Oracle, Microsoft and many other global giants have poured into this country. I first arrived in Romania in 2010 to outsource a rather large SEO operation. Since Romania’s inclusion into the EU in 2007, the country has seen a large increase of global outsourcing mainly focused around web development, SEO and even boasts a fast growing call center outsourcing industry. Another huge benefit of SEO outsourcing in Romania is the security. You can expect EU legal standards and even though the country is far from being corruption free it is still a much safer place to do business than India or the Philippines.

My BPO Experience

Since 2006, I have managed outsourcing processes and offer BPO consulting in Romania, India and the Philippines for hundreds of small and midsized companies as well as a handful of large firms including Wells Fargo, New York Life, Countrywide Financial and AIG.

Throughout the course of my career, I have acquired consulting experience for a wide variety of BPO processes such as…

  • database management
  • call center outsourcing
  • lead generation
  • BPO consulting
  • web development
  •  software development

Additional services include:

  • recruiting
  • training
  • payroll services
  • corporate filings
  • global tax law
  • property acquisition
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