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YES ladies and gentlemen, this is the real deal! The Holy grail of SEO available for download. After Google took down sites, and threatened legal action I wasn’t going to offer the Google rating Guidelines PDF for download but since I see other people getting away with it, I figured what the heck. The cat is out of the bag! I suggest you all take the time to get to know this document very well and like all Google publications try to read between the lines as it could lead to less than obvious algorithms hints.

Click Here to View or Download the Leaked Google Rating Guidelines Version 3.18 (PDF 2.3MB)

What is the Google Rating Guidelines Manual?

AKA, Google remote reviewers manual, its a 125 page PDF about 2.3mb in size, released by Google on March 30, 2011 and I guess you could say it really is the “holy grail of SEO”. Each year, Google contracts an undisclosed amount of people to manually review their search results based on the guidelines outlined in this manual. The project is known as Google’s Search Quality Rating Program. The PDF outlines in great detail, the exact guidelines and algorithms that Google uses to rate and rank websites. The last Google Ratings Guidelines Manual to be leaked was in 2007. The index lists 7 parts starting with “Part 1. Rating Guidelines” and ending with “Part 7. Quick Guide to Webspam Recognition”. Without further adieu, here’s part 1.

Part 1. Rating Guidelines

Google starts off by explaining the purpose of the Search Quality Program and terminology. This terminology includes…
Query, which is basically the keyword or query that the user searched for.
User intent, is what goal the user intends to accomplish by conducting a search. Find a type of information or make a purchase?
Task Language and Location- Each rating comes with a handle that looks like this… [query] English US. It’s simply the keyword search for, language and two digit country code.
Homepage or Subpage, which most people know the homepage is the index page and the subpages are any pages other than the homepage. Utility- Refers to how useful the page that they are evaluating is. Lastly, the terminology sections outlines the rating scale which is…

  1. Vital- Even their explanation is hard to understand but it means that this page truly is the intended page that the query specifically looked for. For example would receive a vital rating for the query [godaddy]. A place, restaurant, business, person, product, organization, company are other examples.
  2. Useful- Most people will find the page to contain valuable information.
  3. Relevant- Many users will find this page helpful.
  4. Slightly Relevant- Few users might find it helpful.
  5. Off-Topic- The page’s content is either  irrelevant or worthless to the user’s intent
  6. Unratable- page won’t load or site s down.

That’s all for today folks because I’ve got to get back to work but I will be updating this post daily so come back tomorrow for more :-)

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Leaked Google Rating Guidelines Version 3.18 Free Download, 9.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
  • modelcircle

    was a helpful first part, will you be updating it soon with the other parts?

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    • ZacharyWilliamson

       Sure I’ll do some more interpreting of this manual and add to this post. I was just waiting for someone to ask me first :-)

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