EXIF Data Optimization

How ironically crazy this is… I was trying to research some new image optimization techniques for an SEO report that I have to present this Wednesday for a customer. I was specifically looking techniques that would give our photosharing website a competitive advantage to outrank our competition. Just as I was looking into how-or-if Google crawls EXIF data in images, the Google Gods were reading my mind and Matt Cutts posts this video to answer my question. Nice Timing!

The Grand Opening of ClarkOutsourcing

I am excited to announce the launching of a new full service BPO company, ClarkOutsourcing.com and with it, a new 5000sqft, 150 seat, offshore facility located in the Clark Economic Freeport Zone of the Philippines. This new office represents a culmination of over ten years of hard work and experience.

With this new facility, I have expanded to offer full service BPO at costs up to 60% lower than in America. Our verticals include inbound and outbound call center services, software development,  digital media marketing and outsourcing consulting. Our main focus is to bring global resources to our customers that were previously only available to the Fortune 500. We do this by offering flexible solutions BPO incubation services such as “seat leasing” and BOT programs to help incubate and facilitate the transition.

What Can We Do For You?

The chances are that if you own a business, there’s some where we can help you grow! Our BPO Services include but are not limited to….

  • Software development
  • In/outbound contact center
  • Digital media marketing
  • Web/App Development
  • Accounting
  • HR services
  • Back office tasks

Outsourcing Consulting Services:

  • Business organization and corporate filings
  • Commercial real estate leasing and purchasing
  • International business contracts
  • Call center infrastructure
  • Network setup and administration
  • HR recruiting and training of employees
  • Outsourcing Philippines tax code
  • Philippines import export regulations and logistics

Hire me as Your BPO Consultant

As a BPO consultant, I strive to be at the forefront of global trends to provide the best outsourcing solutions that are customized to each customer’s needs. I’m your “Boots on the Ground”. Bill Gates, IBM and 90% of the Fortune 500 have been using BPO for over 2 decades. What has changed is the availability of outsourcing infrastructure. Previously, BPO resources were only attainable to large firms but due to technology, globalization and people like me, these same advantages are well within reach for small and mid-sized companies.

My BPO Experience

Since 2006, I have setup, managed and consulted business processes in Romania, India, South Africa and the Philippines for small and midsized companies as well as a handful of large firms including Wells Fargo, New York Life, Countrywide Financial and AIG. In addition, I also maintain my own outsourcing facility in the Clark Free Port Zone of the Philippines.

My Expertise Include…

  • database management
  • call center outsourcing
  • lead generation
  • search engine optimization
  • web development
  • software development

My services include…

  • recruiting
  • training
  • payroll services
  • corporate filings
  • global tax law
  • property acquisition
  • IT infrastructure
  • global logistics

Save Time and Money

Whether you are looking to open your own offshore branch office or just looking to outsource work overseas, hiring me and my team will dramatically lower your startup costs while getting the job done in a timely manner. Having a 3rd party consultancy firm from individuals that know the local business culture and know how to cut through the local red tape can be a valuable asset to your company. You don’t have to learn things the hard way, contact me for a free consultation instead.

Philippines Seat Lease Outsourcing

You can open your new office in the Philippines for as little as $150 per seat! Seat lease outsourcing is an ideal solution for any small to mid-sized company looking to expand operations or lower overhead costs.  Simply put, seat leasing is the fastest and most affordable way to get your campaign up and running in a flash.

What is Seat Lease Outsourcing?

Seat leasing is when you rent or lease a workstation in an already established outsourcing facility. In this model, the lessor provides the office, work station and the necessary infrastructure to run your campaign or process. In addition, other services such as call center dialer, telco, IT support and human resources can be provided. It is up to the lessee to fill the seat and manage the staff. Most seat lease packages are charged at a flat monthly rate based on the number of seats occupied.

Cold vs Warm Seat Lease

A cold seat is where we provide just the office workspace and infrastructure to run your campaign and a warm seat is where we provide the employee as well.

Which Option is Better for Me?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you already have staff and “boots on the ground”, you can just lease the seats and bring your own employees. If you will need recruiting and/or payroll services, you may want to lease a warm seat. That being said, both of these options give you full control over the outsourced process and the ability to sit in the captain’s chair because both options allow you to manage and monitor the operation with full transparency.


We are proud of our lynx-based dialers and telco configuration with redundant backup servers.

Our connection includes E1 fiber optic connections with two backup 2 business lines to assure 99% up-time.

Our network is managed through a Juniper network router with traffic shaping to insure steady load balance.

Each workstation has 1 to 1 wiring and networking and comes equipped with 3rd generation or greater PCs with 19″ to 22″ monitors.

What’s Included?

  • Colorful 5000sqft office, biometric time cards for tamper free access and attendance tracking.
  • Spacious workstations and chairs with widescreen monitors and 3rd generation or higher PCs.
  • Outbound ViciDial phone system and 24/7 support.
  • Conference room, classroom style training rooms and dinning facilities.
  • Our business park includes a private fitness center, basketball and badminton courts, billiards tables and dining areas.
  • 24/7 security staff and CCTV.

What’s not Included?

  • The employee, but recruiting and payroll services can be provided for an additional charge.
  • VOIP charges, but we have providers as low as .008 cents per minute back to the States.
  • Transportation, but public shuttles and jeepneys provide 24/7 service delivering over 10,000 workers to Clark daily.
  • Headsets, but we have an abundant stock that you can acquire at cost. Many agents don’t like sharing headsets for hygienic reasons.
  • Food, snacks, tea and coffee.

Call Center Outsourcing Consultant

I have been a call center consultant since 2006 working in India, Romania, South Africa and the Philippines.  This puts me in a unique position to offer superior and innovative consulting solutions that are guaranteed to improve your company’s functionality and profitability.

I currently own a 150 seat facility in Clark, Philippines. This being said, as a business owner myself, I fully understand the importance of ROI and therefore will happily provide a free consultation to make sure that will you see a generous return on your investment dollars before I accept the job. Having a good set of eyes and ears on your call center floor can increase productivity and the bottom line!

Call Center Outsourcing Consulting

I specialize in offshore call center consulting in and have helped launch new call center outsourcing facilities as well as conducted tactical business analysis on existing infrastructures.  Even though most call centers observe an EOP (English only policy) I feel that it is important to connect with your workforce on a cultural level and this is why I have gone above and beyond by learning vernacular languages and cultural differences.  I speak fluent Tagalog and mediocre Romanian. Magaling ako Mag-Tagalog si vorbesc Româneşte.

Upon my first visit to your call center, I can help find the most suitable and cost effective dialer and technology solutions, help with training and management,  optimize employee moral, increase production, assist with human relations and lastly, improve business development strategies.  With over 11 years of direct telemarketing experience and 6 years of call center outsourcing consulting experience, I can render real results that will increase your bottom line.

How Can I Help You?

  • Dialer and telephony systems
  • Training and management enhancement
  • Motivational speaking
  • Campaign production analysis
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Business development strategies
  • Foreign corporate filings
  • International tax codes

Take your Business to the Next Level


Where will your business be in 1 year 5 years or even 10 years?  Top business consultancy firms are predicting that 90% of all companies, whether mom & pop or enterprising will use call center outsourcing consulting by the year 2016.    The world is getting smaller and the global economy is becoming tightly interconnected.  That being said, those individuals that fail to engage and take advantage of international resources will be left behind.

Contact Zack today for a free consultation and if you have any thoughts on Call Center Outsourcing Consulting please feel free to comment below.

What Does Google Consider a Bad Link?

We will soon find out, or will we?

Matt Cutts just announced that Google will have a new feature in WMT that will give examples of bad links. If this happens, we’re gonna have a shock wave ripple through the global SEO community. Millions of people worldwide are involved in SEO; building links, blogging, social media and more. Now imagine that Google actually revealed this information as they claim they will, it would put a lot of people around the world out of work. Tons of people make a lot of money building crappy links and the average business owner just looks at the volume not the quality but once they see that 99% of these companies just get the low hanging fruit and rarely focus on quality hard-to-get links.

I usually don’t blurt out comments to Matt Cutts but I couldn’t help myself this time so here’s what I commented…

I can’t believe it?!?!?!?!? I never thought you would divulge such info at least not this early in the game. I can’t wait to see the long lists of links pages, footer links, networked sites, directories, content farms and other garbage showing up in WMT. I ain’t from Missouri but you’re gonna have to show me the links before I believe it…