The Future of Liberty in a Modern World

The Future of Liberty in a Modern World


lib·er·ty /ˈlibərtē/

The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life.
An instance of this; a right or privilege, esp. a statutory one.

freedom license license independence


Most of you already know what liberty is but just for clarity of understanding my point, I’ll say that the golden rule of liberty is that it protects rights that all human beings should be born with, but the catch is that these rights of liberty should never obstruct the rights of others. What does this mean?

If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t marry a gay person, if you don’t like abortion then don’t get an abortion, if you don’t like drugs then don’t use them, if you don’t like a certain type of sex then don’t have it , if you don’t like porn then don’t watch it and if you don’t like cigarettes then don’t smoke them but if you don’t like your rights being taken away then don’t vote to take away other peoples rights!

This code of liberty should be universal and every human should learn these manors in modern day society if we are to all get along as Rodney put it. As the global population grows, the world gets smaller and resources will become more scarce. This means some of our freedoms may become hindrances to others. Unless you think the world is going to end this December 21st, 2012, you might as well start thinking about how our liberties will be affected in the future. Which, in the scheme of things, could be tens of thousands of years all the way to 6 billion more years (enough time for dinosaurs or humans to evolve and become extinct 60 more times). I’m the most anti-regulation, anti-government kinda guy you’ll ever meet, I even got an Anarchy tattoo on my left ankle when I was 13 just to let people know I thought the government was unfair but If we are to survive and thrive in this world over the upcoming millennia, we must take extra precautions to not break this golden rule of Liberty.

How Does This Apply in the Modern World?

If you live in a modern-day, developing country that is overpopulated like India, China, Philippines or Indonesia and you decide to have ten children, then you will surely contribute to the suffering of others. In this situation, the right to have more children than you can support must be limited or it could lead to massive genocide. I have lived in India and the Philippines since 2006 and have visited China on several occasions. They are reaching maximum capacity and cannot sustain their rate of growth. Can you think of any other freedoms that we might have to loose as our world becomes smaller? Also feel free to list some freedoms that we should never sacrifice no matter what.

How to Use the Pagination Tags Rel= next and rel= prev

How to use Pagination Tags

Rel= next and rel= prev are brand new tags that Google just came up with to fix the dreaded pagination duplicate problem.

Here’s How to Use rel=next and rel=prev

The URLs below will be our example of how to implement this long awaited Google meta tag for Pagination content

pagination-tag-seo-300x218Step 1. On the first page of your pagination which in this case is put the following markup in your <head>

<link rel="next" href="">

Obviously, you don’t need to use rel=prev on the first page :-)

Step 2. On the next two pages in our example, you will include the previous page in the sequence and the next page by including both links in your markup as I have done below

<link rel="prev" href="">
<link rel="next" href="">

Step 3. Then on the last pagination page which is> you just use the previous link, as there is no next :-)

That’s it! No further adjustments needed, just a give it a few weeks for the duplicate titles to disappear in Google Webmaster Tools.

The Old School Solution

I initially wrote this post on August 8th, 2011 about Pagination Pages Causing Duplicate Content because, before the new Pagination tag that Google announced on August 15th of 2011, there was just too much misinformation out there on this topic.  (Spooky, were they reading my blog???)  Previously, not even Google gave straight answers on how to deal with it. Just look at the way a Google employee handled the question here on their webmaster’s support forum about duplicate pagination content.  Don’t you just love how Google always dances around the answers? Sometimes they make you read between the lines and sometimes they completely leave you clueless. Moving on, pagination pages create duplicate content and give you a bad mark in Google Webmaster tools for duplicate titles. Just 5 days after I posted this article, Google added this Pagination solution to WMT help section. That being said,  if you are interested in how I used to solve the problem, keep reading below.

indexing-through-pagination-pagesPrevent Pagination Junk

Part of the reason it is so difficult to answer the question is because not all sites are the same and in some cases, people might actually want to index their pagination pages and in other cases they just want them followed.

The objective is to guide the bots to the content that you want them to see and keep them away from redundant and duplicate content that is inevitably produced by many CMSs.

duplicate-content-pagination-194x300That being said, I suggest a couple of measures that in combination will work for at least 90% of all pagination duplicate content problems

1. Use the <META NAME=ROBOTS CONTENT=NOINDEX, FOLLOW> tag in the header of all your pagination pages except for the first page as you will want to get that one indexed as the category page. This allows for indexing through the pagination without actually indexing the pagination page itself.

2. Whether or not you want the pagination pages indexed or not I still suggest you use a script that rewrites your pagination titles to legitimize them. Just because Google is not indexing them, they are still crawling, following and using the data in their algorithms. Using a technique that I have seen favored by Googles video search results that they use on Youtube, simply rewrite your titles like this | Category Name | Page 2 of 49

Again that was the old way of doing things prior to August 15th 20011 and now you can block duplicate content caused by pagination pages with the very simple Pagination tags, rel=“next” and rel=“prev”.

Penguin 2.0 Friendly Porn Links

SEO for porn sites

A quick description of a Penguin Friendly Porn Link would be any link that that is embedded within unique, relevant content instead of site-wide links found in the header, footer, and sidebar of a site. You also want to avoid links from networks that have obvious SEO footprints like sharing IPs, PHP scripts that tie sites together and CopyScape failed content.

What to look for when acquiring links

Stop throwing your money away on worthless links, a large majority of porn links being offered out there are worthless. Porn SEO has changed a lot with the first Penguin and its shuffling up again with the Penguin 2.0. The old days of just throwing tons of money at link buying without regard to where and how you are linking are over. Buying links from sloppy networks of spammy sites just aren’t gonna cut it any longer. Here’s what makes our network different

      • Sites must have unique IPs across different C-classes
      • Sites must be manually managed
      •  Absolutely no SEO footprint
      • Site’s content and/or articles are Panda-friendly and Copyscape verified
      • Get contextual links
      • Target aged sites
      • Target sites that rank for long tail keyword searches
      • No sitewide links
      • No blogroll links
      • No footer

Alternatives to Link Buying

Buffer sites: As outlined in a previous Porn SEO post, buffer sites or pages do not contain graphic material but link back to your money site. This means they can be shared in social media or any place where adult content may otherwise have been censored. This is can be helpful to diversify your link profile as well as getting link juice and social signals from places you never thought possible for porn sites.

Produce and syndicate content: Allow video embeds of existing tube content. Write blogs, reviews, articles press releases and more.

*Bonus: Adult Social Signals

Do social trades with other high ranking members across social media platforms.

Your Adult Website Needs High-Quality Links

High-quality links are what the Penguin Updates are all about.

Does Google Want to Disarm America?

Google Disarming America

google-anti-gun-propgandaGoogle just posted this very disturbing article outlining Global gun trade. I don’t support what  Eisenhower referred to as the military-industrial complex or violence but I do support civilian ownership of guns. We already know what happens when you prohibit guns, then only the military and bad guys have them, leaving the civilian population unable to protect themselves from local crime, invasions or worse yet, protection from a military-state government.

Right to Bare Arms

Just in case anyone forgot, our 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America provides individual right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. I don’t want to be your stereotypical American but I have many reasons for wanting to keep the 2nd Amendment intact. Being able to bare arms to protect one’s person and property is legally classified as a natural right.

In the video below they mention that 74% of all guns are civilian owned but they use examples of wars in underdeveloped countries like Africa or Mexico’s drug war to demonize guns in general. These guns are owned by governments, military, and militias which, also accounts for 90% of gun related deaths. People don’t just go around shooting each other, only governments and corrupt politicians do that. It’s a fact that people are safer with civilian gun ownership.

crime-vs-gunsGoogle, Guns & Politics

Why is Google getting involved in these politics in the first place? They have no business lobbying in global politics that concern our personal freedoms. It’s very disconcerting to see Google getting involved with this type of propaganda. I’d even go a step further to say that Google is overstepping their boundaries and committing corporatism by using their power and money to try to influence laws that will take away our basic rights.

Google Anti-Gun Video

UN-American Disarmament Plan

Stand strong my fellow Americans as well as other citizens of the world because there are big plans from the UN, US, and international powers to disarm American civilians and the whole world. Heres the Official UN Disarmament Plan (PDF). You should definitely read this report on “Complete disarmament” of the American people from

Why Google Bought Wildfire

Why Google Bought the Wildfire App


google-buys-wildfireappGoogle announced the acquisition of Wildfire on the Official  Google blog. is a social media optimization tool/software that allows you to manage all of your social media campaigns from one platform. You can run ads, create and manage pages, conduct mass messaging and track the performance of your social media efforts with analytics and monitoring tools all from one location. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed however, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google paid somewhere around $250 million.

Google Still Behind in Social Media

Google throws yet more money at its going social efforts by buying Wildfire but this one might pay off. Google keeps striking out at creating a social media platform that people will actually use but at least they can buy the most powerful social media marketing tool as a way to get their nose under the tents of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Wildfire also works with Google’s own Plus. Nonetheless, this was a smart move for Google to be able to expand their ad reach while at the same time, gaining deeper access to the data generated from social signals and fresh content created across social media platforms.

Prior to acquiring Wildfire, Google placed made offers to buy BuddyMedia but was outbid by who ended up paying $700 million. All this is just further evidence of the increasing importance of SMO and social signals in your SEO campaign. Still not sure what Wildfireapp is or how it works? Check out this video below that I snagged from their site

What Exactly is Wildfire?

Wildfire founders Victoria Ransom and partner Alain Chuard


Google’s Project Glass is Badass


Google announces their newest pet project. The newest product is a pair of glasses that provide a virtual interface to your mobile devices. Previously named Project Glass, this product is straight out of a SciFi movie and promises to bring us leaps and bounds into the future. For years I’ve been wanting a computer with a full interface like this; Then I could build and optimize websites while sitting in a rocking chair eating a ham sandwich.

Here’s their Official Project Glass Plus page and below is the video they put to together to illustrate the possibilities. You gotta admit, project glass is bad ass.

Googles Project Glass Video Shot in NYC

Project Glass Live Demonstration

This is one of the coolest ways to demo a new product!

Dont Copy Images or Google Will Get You (SEO tip)

Don't steal images or Google will Penalize you

Google really sees all! Just drag and drop a picture from your desktop into Google Images and Google will show you where the original came from as well as all the other sites that reposted the same image. This even works if you have cropped or modified the image!

Google rewards sites that use unique images while copied images hijacked off someone else’s website can bring your site’s authority down. The lesson here is to buy or create your own images as much as possible and Google will reward you with better rankings and more traffic. I know, it’s tough but there really arent any good shortcuts for producing high quality, unique content. This really sucks because I’m a true image kleptomaniac so do as I say, not as I do! Lastly, this brings up the question of what if any changes this will have on Thumbnail Picture Galleries and Porn SEO.

Drag and drop an image from your desktop directly into the search window of Google images. This works in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

dragging and dropping images to google search

Next, you will see the all the places where the image has been posted.

why you shouldnt copy images from google

Google Secret Bonus Video Dark Web Operators

Secret SEO bonus video for google operators

This video cannot be searched for or viewed unless you know the secret address for it. This link was given out only to participants of the Power Searching With Google Program that is not open to public registration at this time.

Here they talk about the new Dark Web Google Operators that will crawl usually un-indexable files within a website also know as Deep Web.

Is Page Speed Important for SEO?

Why PageSpeed is Important for SEO

improve your page speed for search engine optimizationThe most important reason for optimizing your website’s page speed is simply because Google will reward you with higher rankings and visibility, but if that’s not reason enough or if you are not entirely convinced that it will boost your rankings, there are a number of other benefits that directly impact the profitability of your company. In this article, I will mention why PageSpeed has become such an important optimization factor for post Panda SEO and beyond.

Google Page Speed Algorithms

google-analytics-site-speedAs mentioned on Google’s performance best practices, At Google, we’ve found that faster sites make for a better user experience. and in case you haven’t noticed, Google recently added new metrics in Google Analytics to help measure your site’s load time and performance. But if you are still in doubt, they made it clear when they announced that they do in fact use site speed as a new signal in Google search ranking algorithms so unless you want to experience Google’s page speed penalization, head these warnings. Test your site’s page speed here or you can download and install the Firefox extension.

So why does Google care about page speed so much? A study conducted by Compuware found that two-thirds (67%) of web users say they come across slow websites at least weekly while, over a third (37%) say it makes them less likely to return to the site and 27% say it makes them more likely to visit a competitor’s site. Another study conducted by MIT technology review shows that 49% of online visitors will bounce from your website or just check out your competition if they experience performance issues. Below is the infographic they produced or you can download the full PDF version here.

page speed infographic

Other Benefits of Optimizing Page Speed

Not only can you get better rankings and more traffic but faster sites are cheaper to host because they require less load on your server(s). A more efficiently served site uses less bandwidth, therefore, lowering your monthly hosting fees. This might not be a big deal for some of you but most of the sites I work on spend anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000 per month on bandwidth alone. In addition, you may be able to save even more money by being able to downgrade your servers hardware requirements.

How can I Make My Site Faster?

This is a case-per-case type of issue because no two sites are exactly alike and even if they are using the same CMS, they could potentially have other factors such as content that could require different optimization methods. That being said, some places to start are by looking at your code. You want to use as light of code as possible and even in this complicated world of ever-evolving languages and techniques, basic HTML and CSS are always going to be your best choice. Use simple and short expressions, like <div> not <tb> and try to consolidate your CSS as much as possible by using site-wide rules instead of having several different CSS files for different sections of your site. You can use CSS menus for JavaScript-based menus to minimize or even eliminate the use of JavaScript altogether. If you must use external scripts, try to limit them to 2 per page and keep the total size below 20k. You can also compress resources with gzip or deflate to reduce the number of bytes sent over your network. You can also use browser caching, parsing of JaveScript, optimize images (combine into CSS sprites), minify JaveScript and CSS, remove query strings from static resources and reduce request sterilization.

Page Speed SEO Consultation

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a free consultation on your site and as always I look forward to answering your questions and concerns below in the comments.

Beware of The Penguin, The Google Penguin That is

Penguin-Update-GoogleAffected by the Penguin? You need to definitely check out this Penguin Recovery Case Study and this one features other Panda and Penguin Recovery Strategies.

On April 24th, 2012 Google unleashed the troublesome Penguin update and posted the unofficial Penguin announcement on Google’s Webmaster Central blog before they even named it Penguin. Then Matt Cutts tweets a link where you can report Post-Penguin webspam which directs to the Official Penguin Webspam Report Form located within Google Webmaster tools. If you were negatively affected by the Panda or the Penguin update, definitely read my post on Penguin Recovery.

If You Are Innocent

If you feel you were unjustly affected by the update it just doesn’t matter because Google will never hear your argument. As an alternative to pleading with Google, you can sign the kill the Penguin petition at In addition, Google provided this Penguin feedback form where you can state your case and you can also ask for a reconsideration request here but I STRONGLY recommend that you do not contact Google in any way as it could just put you on a flagged list along with spammers. Google has been accused of pulling similar phishing scams.

The FTC Gets Involved

The ironic thing is that this update which took out many innocent bystanders was released on the same day that the FTC escalated their case against Google and hired Beth A. Wilkinson to help prosecute the case. If you were one of those bystanders, I also suggest you file an official FTC complaint here. Former Federal Trade Commission official David Wales was quoted saying, “This shows Google that if it doesn’t give you the remedy you want, you’re going to litigate.”

What is the Penguin All About?

penguin-link-building-crusherThis update was originally called the Webspam Update until two days later when Matt Cutts officially renamed it Penguin. This update strictly targets off-page attributes and unnatural link building as defined in this Webmaster Guideline on Link schemes including buying links. To save you some time, I’ll go ahead and list what type of links this covers.

  • Paid links
  • Reciprocal link exchanges
  • Links from spun articles
  • Links from low-quality articles
  • Links from comment spam
  • Links from networks
  • Links containing a large number of exact anchor text matches
  • Links from splogs (auto created spam blogs)
  • Links from irrelevant sites
  • Forum spam links

Please feel free to add to my list of bad links below in the comments