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Why is it so important to use a seasoned Philippines Call Center Consultant? Because someone with the proper experience and knowledge can easily help you to avoid costly mistakes and minimize the learning curve.

Philippines Call Center Outsourcing Consultant

Philippines Call Center ConsultantZachary Williamson is a seasoned Philippines call center consultant. Born and raised in the US, Zachary has been living and working in the Philippines since 2006 running call center and outsourcing projects ranging from in-bound customer service to out-bound lead generation. That being said, Zachary also focuses on non-voice contact center outsourcing such as IT, web development and SEO. Zachary has a long track record of working with some of the largest financial institutions in America like Wachovia and Citizens Trust Financial but also caters to small and mid-sized firms looking for a Philippines Call Center Consultant.

Philippines Call Center Consulting

I have over 14 years of call center experience and have setup call center facilities in the US, India, Romania and the Philippines. I think the most important thing I bring to the table as a Philippines Call Center Consultant is my extensive experience in outsourcing but more importantly my ability to bridge culture gaps, bringing working teams together to seamlessly work as one. Even though English is widely spoken in the Philippines I took the time and effort to learn how to speak Tagalog so I could better understand the culture and mannerisms of the Filipino work place. Naiintindihan ko ang buhay ng mga Filipino talaga and this level respect has lead to my success in the country.

Other than being fully acclimated to doing call center business in the Philippines, I have also learned many valuable things as a Philippines Outsourcing Consultant. Things like how to file corporations and branch offices, Filipino labor laws, call center outsourcing tax codes, commercial real estate acquisition via lease or purchase and lastly my most requested call center consulting service, call center infrastructure IT and dialer setup!

Please feel free to contact me directly for a free consultation.

Zachary Williamson

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