Retain Me

Questions and Answers signpostIn an effort to make my services more available and more affordable to my clients, I am offering a unique monthly consulting package in the form of a retainer fee.  A full-time qualified SEO will set you back more than six figures a year or you can retain me for $500 per month and get the same attention to detail.

Here’s what you will get

    • Identify and prevent potential problems and Google violations
    • Monitoring of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    • Monitoring of backlink profile
    • Monitoring of social media channels and engagement
    • Periodic analysis of server performance, coding, crawlability, and indexing
    • Hit me up anytime for questions or to pick my brain
    • Train and consult link builders, content managers, and web development team

and I’ll package it up in a nice little report and send it at the end of each month.

Unlike the retainer fee of a lawyer, that only ensures that services will be rendered and does not equate to hourly fees, I will actually dedicate around 5 hours or more of my time making sure all your SEO bases are covered. Additional hours can be requested for my normal rate of $175 and hour.

Contact me today for more details and a sample of what I can offer you.

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