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Serbia Outsourcing ConsultantLooking for a Serbia outsourcing consultant? The story starts like this… I was on a 24 hour layover in Amsterdam while on my way to India so I decided to see some sights and have a beer. I checked in to a hotel and popped into a near by pub that was showing the Novak Djokovic tennis match against Rafael Nadal on the TV. There just so happened to be a couple of Serbians sitting near by and in good spirits with the success of the match so I decided to strike up a conversation with them. I explained a little bit about my travels and mentioned my past experiences in India, Philippines and Serbia’s neighbor, Romania and that’s when these guys started talking about outsourcing to Serbia. This got my full attention!

Serbia Outsourcing Consultant

I immediately start thinking about the possibility of expanding my horizons and becoming a Serbia Outsourcing Consultant. In the world of BPO it’s important to keep an open ear for possible untapped outsourcing destinations. Some of the first factors I will look into are what I call legal infrastructure, exchange rates, cost of labor, tax laws and last but not least, the skill level of Serbian workforce. I specialize in outsourcing SEO, IT web development and call center operations. That being said, the Serbians I met, spoke great English, they were very internet savvy and seemed to have a good understanding of the benefits that an American company can gain with Serbia outsourcing.

Serbia BPO Industry BoomBPO Serbia Outsourcing Consultant

Hopefully this will be my first of many posts about Serbia Outsourcing Consulting as I hope to hear back from my new Serbian friends and visit them when I get back to Romania next month! In the meantime, I will be conducting some preliminary research and will update this post as the details develop. Thanks for reading and if you would like to make any comments about Serbia Outsourcing, please feel free do so below.

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  • Amar

    Hi Zack,
    I happened to visit certain call center requirements websites in Philippines and that’s when I hit on zacharykwilliamson. I am basically a technology vendor and I thought I should introduce to you 3CLogic, a VoIP Call Center Platform that I have been associated with for long. A truly distributed model that is efficient and brings down initial costs drastically.

    No office, no expensive equipments, no infrastructure costs, distributed agents who can be centrally monitored!

    I don’t want to make this a longish conversation but was wondering if we could partner in leveraging your experience and our product to create a unique business partnership and expand sales.

    Lead – Product Management

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  • Zachary Williamson

    Hi Amar, I’m not sure why you posted on this article but nonetheless, I just got back to Delhi of all places and will be here working for the next few months. I’ll shoot you an email and maybe we can get together for lunch sometime. This is some pretty ironic stuff!

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  • Jovan Miljkovic

    Hi Zach,

    It was a pleasure meeting you there and rooting for Novak together (except the Spaniard guy of course), we are looking forward to meeting you in Belgrade and introducing you to outsourcing capacities of Serbian cities and regions.

    Kind regards,

    Jovan Miljkovic

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  • Marko

    You are welcome Zach !

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  • Slaven


    interesting post.

    I am busy with similar project at the moment, which when finished you might find it of interest.

    Have you taken it further with idea of Serbian outsourcing?

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    • Zack Williamson

      Thanks for reading. I haven’t taken any additional steps to try to expand in Serbia after running into some roadblocks in Romania. I’m still open to the idea but there seems to be a lot of red tape and bureaucracy that could make things more difficult. Will you please give me and my readers advice for opening a foreign owned company in Serbia?

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