About Me

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I opened my first business at 20 years old and from an early age, always seemed to have a knack for people skills and business logistics.

As you can see in my profile below, I’ve traveled the world working for a wide range of companies specializing in 4 major fields, business process outsourcing, digital marketing, telecommunications and web/software development.

I first started offering SEO services in 2003 while working as a real estate agent in Orlando, FL looking for my own leads. I hooked up with a local mortgage broker and started finding ways to generate real estate and mortgage leads via telemarketing and SEO. After finding success and exceeding our demand, I founded TheLeadTree.com to sell off our excess leads. For the first two years, I focused on building a solid foundation based exclusively on mortgage and real estate leads. When the real estate bubble popped in 2006, we weathered the storm by diversifying into insurance leads, solar leads, b2b telemarketing, web development and back office support.

In early 2006, I traveled to Bangalore, India to setup our first offshore call center facility. In 2007, we opened our second offshore facility in the Philippines. I have since then setup and managed office locations in Romania, India, South Africa and the Philippines. Independently and through my companies, I have consulted, managed campaigns and worked for a wide range of companies ranging from Wells Fargo and AIG to Bored.com, the New York Film Academy and dozens more.

During the onset of the pandemic, we rebranded our well established BPO firm, Clark Outsourcing International Inc. and launched ClarkStaff.com, in which services can be summed up in 3 terms… Remote Staffing, Workspace and Oversight. We help you hire the right talent for the right job anywhere in the world, provide workspace infrastructure (in-office or remotely) and then go above and beyond to help manage your processes and employees with the latest tools and best practices.