Call Center Outsourcing Consultant

I have been a call center consultant since 2006 working in India, Romania, South Africa and the Philippines.  This puts me in a unique position to offer superior and innovative consulting solutions that are guaranteed to improve your company’s functionality and profitability.

I currently own a 150 seat facility in Clark, Philippines. This being said, as a business owner myself, I fully understand the importance of ROI and therefore will happily provide a free consultation to make sure that will you see a generous return on your investment dollars before I accept the job. Having a good set of eyes and ears on your call center floor can increase productivity and the bottom line!

Call Center Outsourcing Consulting

I specialize in offshore call center consulting in and have helped launch new call center outsourcing facilities as well as conducted tactical business analysis on existing infrastructures.  Even though most call centers observe an EOP (English only policy) I feel that it is important to connect with your workforce on a cultural level and this is why I have gone above and beyond by learning vernacular languages and cultural differences.  I speak fluent Tagalog and mediocre Romanian. Magaling ako Mag-Tagalog si vorbesc Româneşte.

Upon my first visit to your call center, I can help find the most suitable and cost effective dialer and technology solutions, help with training and management,  optimize employee moral, increase production, assist with human relations and lastly, improve business development strategies.  With over 11 years of direct telemarketing experience and 6 years of call center outsourcing consulting experience, I can render real results that will increase your bottom line.

How Can I Help You?

  • Dialer and telephony systems
  • Training and management enhancement
  • Motivational speaking
  • Campaign production analysis
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Business development strategies
  • Foreign corporate filings
  • International tax codes

Take your Business to the Next Level


Where will your business be in 1 year 5 years or even 10 years?  Top business consultancy firms are predicting that 90% of all companies, whether mom & pop or enterprising will use call center outsourcing consulting by the year 2016.    The world is getting smaller and the global economy is becoming tightly interconnected.  That being said, those individuals that fail to engage and take advantage of international resources will be left behind.

Contact Zack today for a free consultation and if you have any thoughts on Call Center Outsourcing Consulting please feel free to comment below.