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  • Custom Footprints for ScrapeBox and Google Operators

    Custom Footprints for ScrapeBox and Google Operators

    After several years of dormancy, I dusted off my old copy of ScrapeBox today. I was trying to relearn it and realized that I forgot all about the cool custom footprints I used to come up with and how it helped me dig deep to scrape some of those hard to find opportunities. So here […]

  • What Does Google Consider a Bad Link?

    We will soon find out, or will we? Matt Cutts just announced that Google will have a new feature in WMT that will give examples of bad links. If this happens, we’re gonna have a shock wave ripple through the global SEO community. Millions of people worldwide are involved in SEO; building links, blogging, social […]

  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Everywhere on the Web

    The debate between whether SEO or social media is more important in marketing an online service has waged for years, but the case has now been closed by default: very soon, they’ll be one and the same. With Google increasingly factoring in social media activity into the very heart of its ranking algorithm, a business […]

  • Get Your Own Wikipedia Page

    Having a Wikipedia page about you or your company will add real notability to your brand but more importantly, it will add serious SEO authority and some of the highest quality links and citations you could possibly obtain! This is also a great way Inoculate Your Website and protect you from future updates like the Panda.

  • Post Penguin Link Pyramids and Link Wheels Reviewed

    So the big question after the Penguin updates is, “whether or not link Pyramids and/or link wheels are still effective for SEO?”. I initially thought they were busted for sure but I came across some rather reputable SEOs claiming that this gray-hat method still works so I decided to test it and post my results […]

  • How to Write an SEO Friendly Press Release

    Writing SEO Friendly Press Releases is one of the most important  SEO techniques especially in this post Panda era. I also refer to press releases in this article titled Inoculate your site. They are almost just like internet soundbites to-the-point and ready for mass circulation. Writing an awesome press release for the internet may also […]