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  • SEO Outsourcing

    Option 1:Seat Leasing I provide the office, workstations and infrastructure and you recruit, train and manage your own team remotely. We use biometric time cards, CCTV and per your request Spector-Pro desktop monitoring. Recruitment services can be provided if you need help finding experienced SEO agents. The average beginning salary for a college graduate with […]

  • Google Transparency Petition Hoax

    Today Google posted on their Official Blog to let us know they care so much about your rights and privacy that they filed this new petition to protect our “civil liberties”. Well I’m calling Google out, this is sheer propaganda! This whole thing is just a dog and pony show to deceive and distract because […]

  • Link Buying Ain’t Dead Yet!

    It’s been a while since my last comprehensive post so I figured I better come out with this epic guide to make up for it. That being said, I teamed up with an old colleague of whom I’ve worked with for over 5 years now in Canada, Romania and the Philippines. You may know him […]

  • Tracking Multiple Domains and/or Subdomains in Google Analytics

    To Properly track the visitors of your site is the first and foremost critical step of collecting reconnaissance traffic data. Without it, you’re lost like a blind man in an orgy trying to feel things out. There are no clear instructions for installing Google Analytics to track multiple subdomains or two different domains in the […]

  • Citations Replacing Link Building?

    Citations Replacing Link Building?

    Citations are simply mentions of your company’s website or brand on another website, regardless if you create a link or not. Google’s algorithms have evolved so much that they don’t even need a link to be able to read the content, judge the relevancy and attribute that to the mention of a site or business. […]

  • Is Page Speed Important for SEO?

    The most important reason for optimizing your website’s page speed is simply because Google will reward you with higher rankings and visibility, but if that’s not reason enough or if you are not entirely convinced that it will boost your rankings, there are a number of other benefits that directly impact the profitability of your […]