COVID-19 Was a Bioweapon- 4 Proofs w/ Links

I posted this little but of research I did on the COVID-19 origins back in April of 2020 but I was ridiculed and later banned from Facebook. Now just over year later, the US government, mainstream media and even Big Tech are admitting it was man-made.

  1. It Didn’t come from a wet market. 14 of 41 of the first patients were in no way connected to the Wuhan seafood market where it supposedly broke out. Not to mention, they don’t sell bats in the seafood market. Later 50 of 99 infected had no relation to the Wuhan seafood market.

2. It contains other man made components. Covzc45 and Covzxc21 by 89.1% overall and 100% match in the nsp7 and E proteins* These viruses were developed by the National People’s Liberation Army’s bio-weapons lab.

This was later corroborated by the genome sequencing program known as BLAST.

A virus doesn’t maintain a 89% genetic match even if it evolves within the same species but it’s even much more improbable when jumping to a new species. And it’s nearly mathematically impossible to get a 100% match on two strains.

3. As if this wasn’t enough to raise your concerns, the S protein also has a 98% match to a SARS2 virus. SARS comes from pigs so it would have to have made it from pigs to bats with very little genetic alterations and then to humans, while maintaining 98% and 100% matches to former genetic components!

4. Need even more proof?  People have been working on this, documenting this and achieving exactly this exact cocktail of virus; People like Chinese virologist from Whuhan, Shi Zhengli, who published many papers discussing the development of SARS and the novel COVID viruses. In one experiment they actually succeeded in identifying that the S protein was the key to making it susceptible to humans. In another, she released a breakthrough new achievement in finding an S protein that can integrate with humans’ receptors. 

And in 2015 she published yet another report discussing creating a synthetic virus that perfectly describes COVID-19 using SARS as the framework along with COV and of course, the S-protein to make it spread to humans.

By Zack Williamson

Zack Williamson is a co-founder and CEO of, a remote staffing and business management consulting firm with offices and partners in the US, UK, The Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

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