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COVID Vaccines

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice or practicing medicine without a license.

In an effort to keep this organized and to-the-point, I broke this article down into 6 parts…


  1. Necessity
  2. Efficacy
  3. Risks
  4. Therapeutics
  5. Mandatory or not?
  6. Agenda

Necessity of a COVID Vaccine

Do we really need a vaccine for a virus with a 99.9~% survival rate? I know the typical response is, “300,000 people have died.” The CDC data is very clear about this. 94% of those deaths were from people who had on average 2.6 comorbidities, average age of 78.8 years old, which is older than the life expectancy and on top of that over 40% of those were from nursing homes where positive patients were forced into. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the CDC data also includes gun shots, vehicular accidents, poisonings, heart attacks and so much more. Please don’t take my word for it, go to the CDC data yourself and start viewing the deaths. Another important factor to look at is there’s not 300k extra overall deaths this year when compared to the past 10 years. Actually less people have died so far.

But just to play it safe, lets say I’m stupid or I’m just a mislead conspiracy theorist and there really are 300k deaths. The survival rate is still 99.997% if you are below 78 years old, not living in a nursing home and you don’t have 2 or more comorbidites.

I’ve had it and was fine no medicine in 4 days. It was like a regular flu for me. My friends had it, my family had it, many of my employees had it and even my neighbors all had it and told me the same.

Even a 74 year old, overweight fast food loving Orange man had it and was fine in 24hrs using therapeutics.

The small pox and measles vaccines were awesome but this new experimental COVID vaccine just isn’t needed. I’d much rather catch it again than be injected with an experimental mRNA vaccine.

The Efficacy of the Vaccine

Respected reports from the trials are saying that some of the vaccines are up to 95% effective but then those same reports say that even after two doses of the vaccine, you can still be an asymptomatic spreader and you can still catch it again!
I thought the whole purpose of the vaccine was to make you immune and slow or stop the spread? Imagine if the small pox or measles vaccines made you an asymptomatic super spreader and you still wouldn’t be immune from catching it again?! You’d call that a failure.

In conclusion, the vaccines to not make you immune nor do they stop or even slow the spread.

Risks of COVID mRNA Vaccine

This is a very sensitive topic and something that has been heavily censored online. You can have your social media accounts censored and have your websites removed or suppressed in the search engines for reporting on this. People are experiencing traumatic side effects already. These side effects range from just feeling sick to getting Bell’s Palsy, to testing positive for HIV and yes even dying. The inserts in the packages shows a much longer host of risks and even unintentional infertility.

Worse yet, Big Pharma spent billions of dollars lobbying the US government and were finally able to pass a this law in 1988 saying that they cannot be sued or held liable for any injuries, side effects or deaths caused by their vaccines!

Now lets talk about what mRNA means. This is a new untested technology designed with the use of the CRISPR gene editing. Basically, the mRNA reacts with your DNA and is able to make gene edits. these edits are completely irreversible and will change and continue to change your DNA forever.

Lastly, the new mRNA vaccines are made using harvested fetal tissue which is a serious ethical and religious problem for many people. Not to mention, its downright creepy that they are using aborted babies in the production of these vaccines.

Therapeutic Treatments

From the very beginning of the outbreak, Trump tweeted that hydroxychloroquine and zinc was the ultimate cure for COVID-19. Twitter immediately started censoring, the media establishment started attacking and the Big Pharma special interest groups started releasing bogus statements and even a medical journal research on Lancet that was later retracted.

Now several months later and hundreds of thousands of deaths later (if you believe that narrative) the experts are saying that hydroxychloroquine is in fact a silver bullet cure. Doctors from France to India to Africa and even here in America have documented case studies treating tens of thousands of patients with up to 100% efficacy!

The initial reports were that HCQ was a dangerous drug and could leave large scars in your heart and even kill you! It turns out that HCQ has been widely used to treat and/or prevent malaria for nearly 70 years. Its an over the counter drug in many countries and is statistically thousands of times safer than Aspirin which, kills over 7000 people each year in America alone.

Now there’s Regeneron, Remdesivir and others. These and other therapeutics have thousands of case studies proving them to be very effective and way safer than the new vaccine. I just took vitamin C, drank water and rested and was fine in 4 days but if someone is in the high risk categories I listed above, these therapeutics are still a great option.

Will the Vaccines be Mandatory?

Unfortunately, they are already being forced on workers all over the world and now on travelers in Australia. Sure you can quit your job, find a new career or just never get on an airplane again but essentially, this marks the first rollout of making them mandatory. It might sound crazy now to think that one day, governments will hold people down and inject them by force or take all their money and freedoms away for refusing but there are already many leading politicians, attorneys and proposed laws on the books to enforce just that.

What’s the Agenda?

Who benefits? Who makes money? What controls can be put into place? I don’t want to get too deep into this section but I think its always important to ask the right questions and follow the money.


Some polls report around 40% of Americans said they will not take it. Polls can be unreliable but I’m curious to hear what y’all think…

Will you take the vaccine? You can answer with a simple yes or no or feel free to explain your answer.

By Zack Williamson

Zack Williamson is a co-founder and CEO of, a remote staffing and business management consulting firm with offices and partners in the US, UK, The Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

Zack enjoys writing about a wide range of topics from business process consulting and International manpower logistics to digital media and internet marketing. That being said, some people visit his blog to check out the occasional rant about politics, health, music and more.

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