The 3rd World is Poor Because They are Bad, Stupid People

3rd World Poverty

I hate to start this article with such a provocative title but it seemed like the best way to summarize my thesis in the simplest of terms while, getting your attention. Now if you’re finished being offended, please allow me to explain.

Growing up in politically correct America, I was told the reason people in 3rd world countries were so poor is because Westerners (The White Man) exploited and oppressed them while stealing what little resources they had. I’ve spent over a decade traveling to dozens of underdeveloped countries, engaging in charity, learning about their cultures and in some cases, even speaking their languages and I have found absolutely no truth to this dogma.

It took years of traveling with an open heart and an open mind to look past the cultural Marxist indoctrination that the West was responsible for all the suffering in the world and realize the truth about the situation. 3rd world countries are 3rd world not because of the West but under their own accord. They’ve been that way for hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of years before any Westerner ever showed up and as far as I can tell, it could take hundreds of years more before they catch up.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some great friends in underdeveloped countries who are extremely kindhearted and very intelligent but they are a minority and herein lies the problem.”

In all my travels, I have noticed the same patterns regardless of race, religion or geography. In every impoverished country I’ve been to, I have found these same two main causes. Although I listed them in my title, I will lay them out once more in a more diplomatic manner…

Catalyst # 1. Culture

From my experience, the overwhelming majority of people in 3rd world countries lie, cheat, steal and treat each other so bad to the extent that it stifles everything, everywhere in every day life, all the way from public and business interactions to domestic relations between friends and family and of course the biggest perpetrator of them all, the government.

Even after spending over a decade in 3rd world countries, I still find myself appalled almost daily with the occurrences of barbarity and great disregard to fellow human beings not to mention, animals and the environment. Integrity, honesty, empathy, common courtesy, individual rights and even altruism are all very critical to build a society where the people can prosper and flourish but those characteristics are just not common in the 3rd world.

How to Fix it

The solution is cultivation of a healthy society through advocacy. This must be taught starting at home at a very young age and then reinforced throughout everyday society on all levels and it must be backed by a fair justice system. Unfortunately, the changes are gradual and can require several generations to really take hold.

Thousands of years of Western history is riddled with periods of turbulent times followed by reformations and revolutions where these lessons were learned, deteriorated, reinforced again and then finally became fully ingrained in every aspect of our culture all the way from kids fairy tales, to basic Western morals, to forms of laws and governments. Its all around us and some even say Western brains are now hardwired with it already built in from generations of selective breeding.

Catalyst # 2. Intelligence or IQ 

Not to be mistaken with education, intelligence is almost entirely hereditary but many claim that it can be improved by good nutrition and early childhood  development. That being said, if you have a 70 IQ score (which is below what we consider mentally disabled in the West) not even the best diet, child rearing nor even the fanciest private school in the world is going to get you anywhere near the Western average of around 107. Rancid inbreeding which is common in the 3rd world, doesn’t help this situation either.

Before the industrial age, usually only the smartest and wealthiest people out bred the poor and stupid. Even then, people used to have 10 or more children in hopes that just a few of them would survive to adult age. Now people with the lowest IQs are out breeding the smart 10 to 1 and due to modern technology, all 10 survive to adult age. To make matters even worse, many higher IQ individuals escape their impoverished countries which creates brain-drain while many of the other smart people left behind choose not to reproduce at all.

This was much easier for the West in the past because the West cultivated it’s peoples at a time before modern technology and at a time when social Darwinism was not taboo but perfectly normal. This created an environment of selective breeding and survival of the fittest in which, the fittest were the smartest, most well behaved and most productive. War and famine also played a role in thinning out the population from the bottom up leaving only the cream on the top.

How to Fix it

The IQ of a country can be gradually increased from one generation to the next through selective breeding, good nutrition and stimulating child rearing. The solution is simple; Cut support and make it socially unacceptable.

The Irish Americans were able to do it, as described by Thomas Sowell in his essay “A Brief History of the Irish”. It was removed from YouTube but you can still watch it on Bitchute by following the link below.

Most people agree that its inhumane to limit breeding rights as is done in China and its especially inhumane to force sterilization on people who don’t have the means to support their own offspring. That being said, it isn’t a human rights violation to NOT support them and encourage and enable their rampant breeding, nor does it make you a bad person. I actually argue the contrary, that you are indeed a bad person if you knowingly provide support enabling neglectful and delinquent child rearing. Especially, if the motives are to raise charity money, for cheap labor, votes or tax revenues as is the case with most international aid and welfare.

In addition to cutting this enabling support, the society as a whole must discourage and stigmatize people who are too lazy or stupid to support their offspring from having children in the first place. If you can’t afford kids, don’t have any, that simple and if you do, expect to fall on hard times and become an outcast in society!

Do you Agree?

Whether you agree with my statements or not, I can assure you that many people living in the 3rd world are well aware of these problems and strongly agree.  That being said, they feel powerless to do anything about it and end up accepting it and even help to perpetuate it.

Will the West Follow?

The West is now in decline for similar reasons. The welfare state, ultra-liberalism and in the influx of hundreds of millions of migrants from 3rd world countries seems to be having a regressive impact on Western culture. I’ll address each separately.

First, the welfare state allows and even encourages the poorest and most unintelligent people to breed at much higher rates than the rest of the population. While in an impoverished neighborhood in America, I once overheard a young teenage girl who was griping about her mom say, “I can’t wait until I have a baby so I get my own welfare check and then she can’t tell me what to do anymore.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Next, ultra-liberalism prevents the truth about our situation to come out and punishes and censors people like me for talking about it openly and honestly. I know the liberals mean well but as they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And as I have outlined here, their polices are often hurting more than they are helping.

Lastly, immigration. If a country takes so many immigrants from 3rd world countries at a rate so fast that the local population cannot absorb and at a rate that makes the local population a minority, then you can expect that country to decline and become more 3rd world as well.

Final Thoughts

There’s over 7 billion people in the world and an estimated 5.7 billion live in utter poverty. If we continue to allow political correctness to blind us from truth, we are doomed. We can’t change the past nor the present but if we confront the problems that got us here today, we can build a better future for tomorrow.