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  • Ride the Wave of Success

    Ride the Wave of Success

    Before you can be successful in life whether in business or in your personal relationships, you’ve gotta learn how to hang-ten. Really I can’t think of a more perfect analogy for this coaching tip that I’m about to share with you right now!!! I grew up in the Coastal Carolinas, between Emerald Island, Surf City, […]

  • Hiring Ukrainian Coders During the Military Conflict

    Hiring Ukrainian Coders During the Military Conflict

    As Russian military operations in Ukraine continue to drag on, over 4 million Ukrainians have been displaced at the time of writing this post. The world is watching as global efforts are being made to help provide aid, shelter and work to allow these Ukrainian refugees to build a new life. Ukraine, with a long […]

  • App Development Outsourcing

    App Development Outsourcing

    I’ve been building software and mobile apps for myself and my customers since 2007 and I have some useful tips to share with you. So you want to built an app! A lot of people come up with great ideas for an app but don’t know how to get it built. In this post, I […]

  • Outsource to America

    Outsource to America

    After almost 14 years of living and working abroad outsourcing to places like Romania, India and the Philippines, and co-founding Clark Outsourcing, I’m so excited to see America become an outsourcing destination for many Australian and European companies. And I’m even more excited to see that Forbes considers my home state of North Carolina to […]

  • Parasite Cleanse

    Parasite Cleanse

    The Center for Disease Control estimates that some 60 million people in America have parasites. Other recent studies estimate that in developing countries like the Philippines, Mexico, Central America and even China, as many as 60% to 80% of the people are living with parasites. In addition, the average person has anywhere from 2 to […]

  • Fascism is a Left Wing Ideology

    Fascism is a Left Wing Ideology

    Fascism has become a buzz word these days. Most people throw the word around without even knowing what it actually means. Most commonly, people on the Left side of the spectrum like to use the word to describe people on the Right. Firstly, lets look at the philosophers and founders of Fascism… Mussolini and Giovanni […]