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  • Ride the Wave of Success

    Ride the Wave of Success

    Before you can be successful in life whether in business or in your personal relationships, you’ve gotta learn how to hang-ten. Really I can’t think of a more perfect analogy for this coaching tip that I’m about to share with you right now!!! I grew up in the Coastal Carolinas, between Emerald Island, Surf City, […]

  • My First BJJ Tournament as a White Belt

    I started training mixed martial arts (MMA) at IngDojo in the Philippines at the ripe age of 34. Prior to this, I had spent 13 years behind a desk with a laptop in one hand and a phone in the other so I went in with no foundation of physical fitness whatsoever. I couldn’t run […]

  • Guest Posting for SEO

    Guest posting, when done right, is still a very effective link building strategy for Panda, Penguin and beyond. Get Google Authorship Using Google Authorship in your Plus profile and in the author bio of the guest post will help to build authority to your content. More importantly a webmaster will be more apt to let […]

  • Google’s Transparency Report & Internet Censorship

    Not sure if Google is just playing good cop, bad cop but I really appreciate their transparency report service where they track various governments’ attempts to block access to online content and as Google put it, “hamper the free flow of information on the web.” Google just updated this service and the new data confirms […]

  • Post Panda SEO Tips

      If your site was negatively affected by Panda, I suggest also checking out my article titled, How to Recover from a Panda Slap Down. 1. Greater Emphasis on On-page Optimization Post Panda Google Webmaster Tools is a great place to start, you should spend hours in there following the suggestions and fixing reported errors. […]

  • Google Algo Change Reduces Low Quality Exact Match Domains

    Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team announced a new algorithm update that targets Exact Match Domains (EMDs). According to Cutts, this change will affect .06% of US based English search results. Here are the two Tweets he sent out warning about it: Minor weather report: small upcoming Google algo change will reduce low-quality exact-match […]