Hiring Ukrainian Coders During the Military Conflict

As Russian military operations in Ukraine continue to drag on, over 4 million Ukrainians have been displaced at the time of writing this post.

The world is watching as global efforts are being made to help provide aid, shelter and work to allow these Ukrainian refugees to build a new life.

Ukraine, with a long standing reputation for Software Development Outsourcing and for producing top level coders, has now peaked the interest of many companies like mine (ClarkStaff.com) who have a high demand for senior software developers.

“This presents an opportunity to hire top talent while also helping people in need.”

Dozens of companies have already launched recruiting initiatives targeting Ukrainian coders on Ukrainian job websites and in the neighboring countries where the majority of refugees have fled. That being said, my approach as always, is boots on the ground! This is why I decided to go back to East Europe this April 2022, starting with Romania and then Poland.

Ideally, I would like to find and hire a wide range of IT staff from Full Stack Angular Developers and UI, UX front-end developers to graphics artist and web designers.

East Europe is potentially facing what could be years of turmoil so I think not only Ukrainians but many East Europeans would enjoy the opportunity to have a steady job, whether working remotely or if they desire, I can easily help them relocate to work in our Philippines outsourcing facility.

Even without conflicts and turmoil, who wouldn’t enjoy coming to live and work in tropical islands with nice weather and white sand beaches?!

Hit Me Up

If you’re an IT professional in East Europe looking for a career path change or if you run a company that is looking to hire It professionals, please hit me up to explore the possibility of working together. You can contact me on Skype @contactzack or email me directly at Zack@ClarkStaff.com.