Online Lead Auction Free Lead Management Software

In 2003, I was a real estate agent living in Orlando, FL sharing an office with a mortgage company. Together we spent tens of thousands of dollars buying sales leads until I learned the magic of SEO, PPC campaigns, and telemarketing. Within 4 months, I was generating more real estate and mortgage leads than we could possibly handle so I opened and started selling leads to other agents and brokers in Florida. Within another 4 months, we were selling leads nationwide and had over 50 employees.

Suddenly, we had to deliver thousands of leads to hundreds of sales agents on a daily basis. Then, we had to track the leads, replacements and update records. Lastly, we wanted to provide our customers with a lead management tool to help keep them organized and increase closing ratios. We needed a CRM and lead delivery system and this was before even existed so we built our first version of The Lead Tree free Lead Management Software and the rest is history.


The Ebay of Sales Leads

10 years and 5 versions later, we no longer generate leads but we still provide a great CRM! On 2013 we launched our newest version of our lead management software but this time we added a nifty little lead auction where buyers and sellers can conduct business in a safe moderated marketplace. Not only do we have an awesome lead management CRM but now you can buy and sell leads with other Lead Tree members. The services are and will remain completely free but we will be offering ads, upgrades and additional products in the near future to help monetize the site.

If you need leads or marketing lists you can post your order to have sellers bid on or if you have leads to sell you can post them for sale by signing up as a lead seller or browse lead orders now.