Philippines Seat Lease Outsourcing

You can open your new office in the Philippines for as little as $150 per seat! Seat lease outsourcing is an ideal solution for any small to mid-sized company looking to expand operations or lower overhead costs.  Simply put, seat leasing is the fastest and most affordable way to get your campaign up and running in a flash.

What is Seat Lease Outsourcing?

Seat leasing is when you rent or lease a workstation in an already established outsourcing facility. In this model, the lessor provides the office, work station and the necessary infrastructure to run your campaign or process. In addition, other services such as call center dialer, telco, IT support and human resources can be provided. It is up to the lessee to fill the seat and manage the staff. Most seat lease packages are charged at a flat monthly rate based on the number of seats occupied.

Cold vs Warm Seat Lease

A cold seat is where we provide just the office workspace and infrastructure to run your campaign and a warm seat is where we provide the employee as well.

Which Option is Better for Me?

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you already have staff and “boots on the ground”, you can just lease the seats and bring your own employees. If you will need recruiting and/or payroll services, you may want to lease a warm seat. That being said, both of these options give you full control over the outsourced process and the ability to sit in the captain’s chair because both options allow you to manage and monitor the operation with full transparency.


We are proud of our lynx-based dialers and telco configuration with redundant backup servers.

Our connection includes E1 fiber optic connections with two backup 2 business lines to assure 99% up-time.

Our network is managed through a Juniper network router with traffic shaping to insure steady load balance.

Each workstation has 1 to 1 wiring and networking and comes equipped with 3rd generation or greater PCs with 19″ to 22″ monitors.

What’s Included?

  • Colorful 5000sqft office, biometric time cards for tamper free access and attendance tracking.
  • Spacious workstations and chairs with widescreen monitors and 3rd generation or higher PCs.
  • Outbound ViciDial phone system and 24/7 support.
  • Conference room, classroom style training rooms and dinning facilities.
  • Our business park includes a private fitness center, basketball and badminton courts, billiards tables and dining areas.
  • 24/7 security staff and CCTV.

What’s not Included?

  • The employee, but recruiting and payroll services can be provided for an additional charge.
  • VOIP charges, but we have providers as low as .008 cents per minute back to the States.
  • Transportation, but public shuttles and jeepneys provide 24/7 service delivering over 10,000 workers to Clark daily.
  • Headsets, but we have an abundant stock that you can acquire at cost. Many agents don’t like sharing headsets for hygienic reasons.
  • Food, snacks, tea and coffee.