Why Google Bought Wildfire


google-buys-wildfireappGoogle announced the acquisition of Wildfire on the Official  Google blog. Wildfireapp.com is a social media optimization tool/software that allows you to manage all of your social media campaigns from one platform. You can run ads, create and manage pages, conduct mass messaging and track the performance of your social media efforts with analytics and monitoring tools all from one location. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed however, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google paid somewhere around $250 million.

Google Still Behind in Social Media

Google throws yet more money at its going social efforts by buying Wildfire but this one might pay off. Google keeps striking out at creating a social media platform that people will actually use but at least they can buy the most powerful social media marketing tool as a way to get their nose under the tents of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Wildfire also works with Google’s own Plus. Nonetheless, this was a smart move for Google to be able to expand their ad reach while at the same time, gaining deeper access to the data generated from social signals and fresh content created across social media platforms.

Prior to acquiring Wildfire, Google placed made offers to buy BuddyMedia but was outbid by Salesforce.com who ended up paying $700 million. All this is just further evidence of the increasing importance of SMO and social signals in your SEO campaign. Still not sure what Wildfireapp is or how it works? Check out this video below that I snagged from their site

What Exactly is Wildfire?

Wildfire founders Victoria Ransom and partner Alain Chuard