SEO Outsourcing

Option 1:Seat Leasing

I provide the office, workstations and infrastructure and you recruit, train and manage your own team remotely. We use biometric time cards, CCTV and per your request Spector-Pro desktop monitoring. Recruitment services can be provided if you need help finding experienced SEO agents. The average beginning salary for a college graduate with experience is from $500 to $700 per month and they speak and write fluently in English. Just below is a video tour of the facility located near Clark Air Base, Philippines. Price: $150/seat (3 seat minimum)

Option 2: Complete SEO Outsourcing

I recruit, train and manage your team for you. Since 2006, I have been living in India, Romania and the Philippines setting up and managing offshore SEO and lead generation teams for a wide variety of companies like AIG and Wells Fargo Home Loans. That being said, I have a 10 year track record of bringing in millions of clicks and getting ranked for keywords such as Fun Games, Flash Games, Crossword Puzzles, [city] Mortgage, final expense insurance, Free Porn, city escorts, film school and many more. I use an ever-changing off-page SEO strategy, using purely white-hat techniques that comply with Google’s linking guidelines. You will receive transparent reports to show every detail of our activity. In addition, I will also conduct an in-depth, on-page SEO analysis of your site and it’s content. On-page optimization could attribute to 30% or more of your site’s performance in the search engines. I use advanced techniques to dig deep into the coding of your site and it’s content so that it will be 100% compliant and search engine friendly. Indexability, CMS optimization, crawlability, meta tags, code compliance, microdata, OpenGraph, social media APIs and much more.
Price: $1,400 per agent/month (3 agents minimum)

Option 3: Consulting

I am available for travel to work on location with you and your team or I can consult remotely. Google the keyword “SEO Credentials” to read more about my credentials and work history. I can offer…

  • Google certified Analytics consulting, setup goals, event tracking, custom reports, campaign optimization, keyword opportunities and much more.
  • Identify Google penalties and and draft blueprints on how to recover from them.
  • In-depth on-page analysis of content, site structure, coding, indexibility, crawlability, microdata, meta tags, social APIs and much more.
  • Analyze blacklink profile and suggest strategies to improve and move forward.
  • Training sessions for Analtyics, Webmaster Tools, WordPress, link building, social media, Panda-friendly content creation, design and coding and much more.

Having over 10 years of SEO experience paired with 6 years of outsourcing experience, I have a unique skill-set that can help reduce the learning curve and get your operation off to a good start. Aside from SEO, I can assist with recruiting, training and creating company protocol, as well as…

  • outsourcing tax codes
  • opening branch offices
  • overseas corporate filings
  • commercial real estate acquisition
  • IT infrastructure, t1 lines, servers, networking, dialers and phone systems, etc.

Price: $175/hr (no minimum, 1st hour is free)


Lease terms for office space will be for a minimum of 3 months to allow for a pilot phase. After the initial 3 months, we accept 6 to 12 month lease contracts.


Reportingseo reports
Reports are delivered in real-time using documents and spreadsheet in Google Drive. The reports can be customized and can include the number of links added, citations, social media signals, bookmarking, blogging efforts, on-page attributes and content creation as well as other metrics that will help you accurately track your team’s performance.

You have direct access to every member of your team via VOIP telephone, IM chat, email and we even have a live streaming webcam so you can see your team and I in action! I encourage everyone I work with to come visit our facility at least once but if you are unable to make it out to see us in person, we can always setup regular video conferences via Skype.



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