The Best SEO Software, Tools and Services

strong-vpn-seo-serviceYou can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink. That being said, here’s a list of SEO software, tools, and services that I use. You won’t find any fluff in my list, just the most valuable tools that I have been using for years.

When creating multiple social media and Web2.0 accounts you must have a good VPN service. This also comes in handy when doing blog comments, forum posting, and manual link building campaigns. I’ve tested all of them and settled on StrongVPN, they had the fastest service with the biggest number of IP options and they allow us to switch the IP 5 times per week for free.

C Class IP Hosting is my newest addition to the list and I’m just happy enough or I would have migrated already. It’s at least good enough for my network sites and blogs but not any of the money sites of course. The company is called C Class IP Hosting and the name says it all. They provide the best and cheapest SEO hosting service that I have been able to find online.  $1 per IP and they are spread out on multiple C-classes! I just got setup with them and here’s my feedback so far Their hosting plans are semi-managed but still give you server access via the control panel by Nodeworx, which is new for me but it was easy enough to get used to. Lastly, I also have to give them credit for their customer service. I asked for Ruby on Rails to be installed and was able to open and close the support ticket within two days and they were pleasant to deal with.  I expect these guys to grow super fast so let’s hope they can keep this level of service.

xenu-search-engine-optimization-software-toolXenu Link Sleuth– Is only one of the many free SEO software tools on my list but its also one of the most important ones. It runs a full diagnostic test on your internal link structure and tells you a lot about the crawlability of your site. If you are having problems with getting pages indexed or if you just want to take a deeper look at how the bots will crawl your site this is the best tool for the job.

linkfarmevolution-seo-tools-softwareLinkFarmEvolution– Create a blog network and easily manage hundreds even thousands of blogs with ease. This one changed my whole world.

proxybonanza-seo-toolsProxyBonanza– You’re gonna need some proxies for sure but finding a good provider wasn’t easy. I tested several and prefer these guys over the rest. These proxies are great for using linkfarmevolution, Xrumer, SEnuke or you can even use them manually when creating profiles or adding links.

xrumer-7Xrumer– Possibly the most powerful SEO tool in the world, also the most expensive at $590 but worth every penny. All the pros use this to automatically get several thousand links from forums and blogs. Please use with caution and take the time to get to know the software before you start blasting campaigns! I also suggest running this one on a dedicated server with dedicated bandwidth for the best results.

senuke-x-seo-tool-300x84SEnuke X– Equally powerful to Xrumer but this SEO tool works on almost every online platform instead of just forums and blogs. The software can create accounts and profiles on hundreds of sites all at once then once the accounts are setup SEnuke can also automatically post written content and articles to them.

PurchasePlusOne- I tried out many services to buy +1s and this company lets me test their service and gave me an inside look at their Google Plus network so I could actually verify the quality of their Plus accounts. I can contribute a lot of my high rankings to their service.

wprobot-seo-software-toolWP-Robot– Is the most sophisticated autoblogging software on the web with a content scraper and auto content poster. For $169 you can build thousands, even unlimited pages of content scraped from Yahoo answers, Youtube videos, Article sites, Clickbank, Flickr and much more! This cool SEO software also has APIs that allow you to use UCG content creator and/or thebestspinner to automatically unique-ify your articles before posting.

W3c HTLM Validator
is a critical SEO tool that I have been using for at least 8 years now. It’s a free online SEO service that checks your HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML for errors and even gives you little suggestions on how to fix them.

W3c CSS Validator Checks your CSS, W3C Atom and RSS checker can help find errors and validate your feeds and the W3c Mobile Validator is their newest free service that checks for mobile errors and assesses your sites mobile friendliness.

wso-online-seo-toolWeb Page Analyzer can help you to decrease load time which is one of my highly suggested Post Panda SEO tips. These days Google wants pages that load fast. That being said, the way your images, CSS and other on-page attributes render in browsers has become an increasing trend in Googles 2011 algorithms.

Suggest an SEO Software, Tool or Service

Would you like to add to the list or have me test a new SEO tool for you? Ask and ye shall receive. Just hit me up in the comments below or on my contact page.