Philippines Link Building

When it comes to SEO outsourcing, its all about the amount of links you can get and the quality of those links. That being said, for the cost of 1 link builder in America, UK or Australia, you can hire up to 5 link builders in the Philippines!

Filipino Link Builders

philippines-linkbuilding-outsourcingThe Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries outside of America and this is why Filipinos make excellent link builders especially when it comes to creating Panda-friendly content. You can have your Filipino SEO agents do a wide range of link building tasks and here are just a few places they can get started:

  • Article writing and submission
  • Manual directory submissions
  • Bookmarking
  • Questions and answers
  • Forum posting
  • Guest blogging
  • Manual blog comments
  • Video creation and submissions
  • Press releases
  • Photo Blogging
  • Link exchanges
  • Link purchases
  • Black-hat software

Link Building Outsourcing Facility in the Philippines

When you outsource your link building tasks to us you will have full access to communicate and manage each one of your team members making this an ideal solution for in-house link building campaigns as well as for white labeling our SEO services to be resold to your clients. If you are asking yourself, how effective is this?, the answer is that I have been doing SEO for over ten years and for 6 of those 10, I outsourced my link building to the Philippines and have been able to achieve 1st page rankings for every site that I have worked on and most of the keywords I targeted were highly competitive and brought in millions of dollars for my clients sites.  Feel free to check out some of my case studies here on my SEO credentials page.

How do I Get Started?

It’s actually quite easy, I am offering seats in our outsourcing office here in the Philippines for only $150/per month per workstation. From there, you just need to pay the employees salary which, can range anywhere from $250 to $800 per month depending on skill level, experience, and copywriting abilities. I currently run a 25 person team of link builders in the same facility and I started most of my agents off at 12,000php (around $300). I like to get agents with little to no past experience and train them myself instead of trying to unteach bad habits that they might have learned from other campaigns. We have almost 100 fully set up workstations available complete with computers and all the infrastructure you will need to run a successful campaign.

If you need help with hiring, training or management, we can assist. I built my first offshore team in India in 2006 and managed them remotely for 9 months before I finally decided to get on a plane to join them so I can help you get to that point of sustainability as well.  Feel free to ask questions below in the comments or contact me. I’ve got this whole building to myself and it would be cool to get some other SEOs out here to join me!